System Information Local Business ERP
SILB Module Manufacturing and Logistics(MFG&LOG)
Material Management, Production Control and Planning with integrated Quality Control Procurement,  Inventory Management, Sales & Distribution Management.
Production Planning Provided  by  Production  Order  as  Master  Production  Schedule  where Production Version are available  for selection and Manage Production Lines. Logistic Deploy  goods  to  customer  by  picking  list  refer  to  Sales Order, Manage  Plan delivery, Order Remain, Sales ABC analysis.
Manufacturing Execution Provided by Manufacturing Order refer to the Production Order that has been created by Production Planning.
Warehouse Material Goods receive, Issue to Production, Inventory Management, FIFO and batch  level.
Deployment Planning                                      MRP Net Requirement
Overview Process of Manufacturing
Material Requirement Plan Coordinate and secure raw material / components and resources (labor / equipment) in order  to execute  the production plan. Run DRP and MRP  in order  to generate Plan Request and Plan Order MRP Components.  Sales Order                Inventory  Production Order     Purchase Order         Plan Order
  Plan Request
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